End of Year Outlook

The US Dollar ($uup) looks solid and ought to proceed with higher while US Treasuries ($tlt) stay in an uptrend however the inversion warning is running up the flagpole. In the outside businesses the Shanghai Composite ($fxi) is extremely solid and ought to proceed with higher with Emerging Markets ($eem) attempting to switch higher and the German DAX ($ewg) taking a gander at a potential inversion lower.

Unpredictability ($vxx) to stay low with the VIX in an extent somewhere around 10 and 18. The perplexity from falling Oil and Gold yet with a climbing Dollar and Treasuries is reflected in the Equity markets. That vulnerability sees the $spy and $qqq proceeding in their uptrends, however with a bit of alert on the SPY, while the $iwm proceeds with its union that began the year.

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